Bookiby is the first and only global solution of online hotel rooms booking that allows the user to book a room from 3, 6, 9 or 12 hours for a fair rate. The client can also decide at what time he/she wants to check-in

When should I book a hotel room by the hour?

During the day

If you want to get out of the routine, meet other destinations, get ready for an important meeting, or work between meetings …

… you can also

  • Wait for a flight, a flight coonection, or an appointment.
  • To spend just one short night.
  • To check-in earlier or to check out later.
At night

The night brings with it entertainment and leisure activities, and bookiby believes that you could be interested in:

  • To visit and walk touristic places.
  • To stay just the night.
  • To enjoy a good dinner or a cocktail.
  • To have a night rest at a wonderful place.

These are the benefits if you are travelling for business.

Our online booking solution will always put at your service a complete list of hotel offers that match your needs. Remember that you´ll pay just for the time that you use our services, but at the same time you will get:

Do you often travel for business?

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Remenber these steps

Choose a destination city .
Choose the time you want to check-in.
Select the hour package you need 3,6,9 or 12 hours.
Pay just for the time you'll stay at the hotel.

¡As simple as that and you save up to 60% in your stay!