1How do I pay for my reservation?

It is straightforward. Bookiby charges a small convenience fee the moment you reserve your stay, and the hotel will charge the cost of your stay package on-site.

2What is the Covenience Fee?
It is Bookiby's fee for giving you amazing rates.
3Are Bookiby's rates "per guest"?
No. like in a traditional reservation the number of guests per room depends on the type of room selected.
4Do the rates include taxes?
The government's take varies from place to place. Your hotel will calculate your taxes and add those as in a traditional reservation.
5Is it possible to cancel a reservation?
Yes, as in a traditional reservation you are allowed to cancel your Bookiby reservation within limits stipulated by the hotel.
6Is it possible to modify my reservation?
Yes, you can change your reservation by getting in touch with our customer service department up to 24 hours before your arrival.
7How do I know my reservation is confirmed?
Bookiby will send you an email with all the information confirming your reservations.
8How can I apply a discount code to my reservation?
If you have a discount code, you add that information at the moment you book your reservation in the area marked "Discount Code".
9What services are included in my reservation?
You can find all the services included in your reservation at the moment you select your hotel and package.
10What are the advantages of booking a hotel by the hour?
  • You get to choose you Check-In hour.
  • You choos how much time you want to stay in the hotel.
  • You pay only for the time you chose to stay.
11Do I need to confirm my reservation with the Hotel?
No, once you receive your confirmation email, you don't need to contact the hotel.
12Is it possible to pay for my reservation at the hotel?
Always. You will pay for the total of your reservation at the Hotel.
13Do I get an invoice for my charges?
Yes. The hotel will issue an invoice for all the expenses related to your stay.
14Do children pay the same rate?
As in a traditional stay, the Hotel's children policy apply to Bookiby's reservations
15I want to stay longer at the Hotel. How do I do that?
You can stay longer, no problem. Just let your hotel front desk know of your desire to stay longer and they will confirm the availability of the room and the cost of extending your stay.
16Is there a shuttle service?
Bookiby customers enjoy the same courtesy shuttles of other guests as per the hotel's policy.
17Is breakfast included?
Accordingly to current hotel policies.